Blake Allen is a programmer, researcher and data scientist born and raised in Seattle.

Blake Allen graduated with a Neuroscience and Behavior B.S. with a minor in Bioinformatics in 2013, where he also concurrently worked in the Sanford lab at UCSC researching molecular biology and cancer genomics.

Programming: Java, Python, C, Go, Perl, HTML/CSS, R. Blake is currently designing data science tools for both scientific research and business analysis. He is passionate about algorithmic analysis and the potentials of big data, whether that is the human genome or mining twitter posts (tweets) to predict the stock market.

Additionally Blake is an amateur (for the love of it) musician and photographer, he enjoys long hikes in the beautiful mountains of the sierras and other hard to reach places.

If you would like to contact blake, email him at: blakedallen (at) gmail . com





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