Do Lysine and Aspartic Acid Make Proteins Branch?

Does The Amino Acids Lysine and Aspartic Acid Make Proteins Branch?

Look at the diagram for Lysine, you will notice a blue area with NH2, which is a amine group. This Binds with Carboxylic Acids, and Aspartic Acid has a Carboxylic Acid as a sidechain. While both of these groups, Amines and Carboxylic acids both have other unique properties, they could potential be a branching site for protien connections. These connections could signal the start of a new alpha helix or beta sheet.

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Aminos 1

A video of Amino Acids, useful for tests or just the knowledge. These 20 Amino acids are the basis for all life on earth. They are all in an L configuration, why is not known, however it is uniform among all life we know of.

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