Javacript Looped Images

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HTML5 Black Box

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Snake HTML5 Game!

To play the Snake game, click on the play button.

Make sure to click on the image box and then you can use your keyboard to move the snake around. Remember when this game used to be cool? Me neither! But it’s still fun, haha.

Want to learn how to make a game like this? Click here

Some are saying that the future of gaming is going to HTML5, with the new features and advanced functionality, cloud availability, and sheer abundance of devices that connect to the internet… it really makes sense. The best gaming platform is everywhere, right under our noses. Oh wait… Zynga already knows about it, they have 240 Million active users!!! they must be making BANK!

Casual Games

Let’s talk more about gamer motivation, I am a huge fan of the casual approach to gaming. Maybe because it totally perplexes me and is one the largest areas of gaming right now. One thing I have noticed is a total lack of risk. In the most successful casual games you really don’t ever die, you just try again. Some games eliminate losing altogether, including the highly successful draw something app. One thing that also stands out for me about casual gaming is that it’s as close to as passive gaming as humanly possible. Take for instance angry birds, you swipe once or twice and watch what happens. I think the very fact you get to turn it on or off whenever you want, do a minimal swipe motion, and get to see havoc inflicted on smug piggies, fulfills about 5 core human motivations for laziness, dominance, aggression, curiosity and humor.It’s interesting to look at the winners and see how many overlaps they seem to accomplish, at the surface it may just be a cute game, but underneath the suface theres alot going on.